With the announcement this week that former British and Heavyweight Champion, T-Bone will be one of the single competitors competing for the Island Brothers Tag Trophy, we look at who might be his partner.

T-Bone, who himself will be looking to become a prestigious Grand Slam Champion if he wins the tag titles, told us:

“I got my partner sorted a loooong time ago, and there’s not a chance in hell I am going to tell you, or anyone else who it is. You’ll all find out the same time The Island Brothers find out – just before the bell rings on March 24th. I’m not giving the Island Brothers any opportunity to prepare. There’s a new team coming to GPW, we’re coming to win, and we’re taking that tag trophy away with us.”

So, who could it be? Who can we link T-Bone to, who has he had alliances with in the past, not just in Grand Pro, but elsewhere? We put ourselves in T-Bone’s shoes and asked, “who would I pick?”. We narrowed it down to 5 people. Here’s a list of the top 5 possibilities:


It might be a 1000/1 shot, but think about it for a minute. These two may fight like cat and dog, but no one could deny they formed a formidable team when they were together in 2016, Like T-Bone, Bubblegum has done it all in GPW, apart from winning Tag Team Gold, If T-Bone were to use any persuasion tactics to talk Bubblegum round, this would surely weigh heavy. Could Bubblegum turn his back on fans? And could we be seeing Bubblegum doing double duty on March 24th?

Isian Quinn:

if T-Bone is looking at recent Win / Loss records to help him decide who to tag with, there’s no one on the roster who has a more impressive Win / Loss record than Quinn. infact, Quinn is undefeated. Without a match at Northern Soul, it would appear that Quinn is available and his recent participation in February’s Fast Track 4-Way would suggest he’s motivated to hold gold in GPW. Could Quinn & Bone be the ones launching the attack on March 24th?

Johnnie “Heresy” Brannigan

No one has won more tag team titles than GPW owner, Johnnie Brannigan. And interestingly, it was to the Island Brothers that Brannigan last lost the titles to. There is a history there! Brannigan, also trained both Rio and Tabu, so who would know them better than him? Brannigan is an accomplished tag team competitor and a former Grand Slam Champion himself. He would most certainly be a very smart choice for T-Bone. Could he make a return to the ring and take another tag title?


Danny Hope:

Image result for danny hope wrestler

“The Model” Danny Hope is a former British Champion and one half of the longest reigning tag champs of all time (The Mil-Anfield Connection), if anyone knows how to be successful in a tag team environment, it’s Danny Hope. If T-Bone is serious about winning the Tag Trophy, and in turn becoming a Grand Slam Champion, Danny Hope would be a very smart choice for a tag partner. Danny hasn’t been seen in GPW since September 2013.

Rampage Brown:

Image result for rampage brown wrestler

Rampage Brown is the real deal. If he comes to Grand Pro, the Island Brothers could be in trouble. Having already held tag team gold with T-Bone elsewhere in the UK, these two have proven they can operate well as a team. If they can stay on same page, they pose a serious threat. Brown has held gold wherever he’s been, could GPW gold be next on his list?


So, there you have it. What do you think? Who’s your money on? If you’re not in attendance on March 24th, you won’t know who it is! Head over to the shop and order your tickets right now for just ¬£8.