On October 6th at Friday Night Thriller X, it is the last chance saloon for two of GPW’s most popular roster members. Joey Hayes will take on his best friend, Bubblegum in a battle to determine which man goes into the final Fast Track 4-Way of 2017 on our last show of the year, November 24th (tickets available to pre-order now from the shop)

This will be one of the most important matches of the year, not to mention, one of the greatest matches of a generation of wrestlers who are two of the UK’s premier performers! Let’s take a closer look at both men, and the match itself.

2017, so far hasn’t been kind to Bubblegum. Two big losses to Sam Gradwell, one in February and the other in July, along with a loss in last shows Fast Track 4-Way has been coupled with matches that have failed to showcase Bubblegum in the way the GPW fans have been accustomed to seeing him in. In short, Bubblegum is a man at an all time confidence low. He’s all but lost his mojo.

Uttering the heartbreaking words to fans after his second defeat to Gradwell that he “thinks he can’t do this anymore, and maybe he should just retire”¬†thankfully were not his last words, in an attempt to get his career back on track, he picked himself up from the dark place he was in and found opportunity in September’s Fast Track 4-Way. However, a win a subsequent title shot wasn’t to be. Martin Kirby pinned him clean and as per Fast Track rules, Bubblegum is now no longer allowed to compete in any other Fast Track matches in 2017. But, there is a but…

With Bubblegum’s 2017 all but over, with no hope of a major win, and even less of getting himself into a title picture before the year is out, his face following the defeat said 1,000 words. Dejected, Despondent. There was one man, above all others who was waiting for him when he got backstage to put an arm round him, that man was one of his opponents in the match, that man was Joey Hayes. Joey, although hadn’t won, was not involved in the resulting pinfall so automatically qualifies for the final Fast Track of the year on November 24th.

It is a well known fact that GPW’s favourite son, Joey Hayes is Bubblegum’s closest friend. The two have had some major conflict in the past but there is no denying the genuine love and respect the two have for one another and over the years their friendship has brought them as close as brothers.

With major concerns over Bubblegum’s welfare and state of mind, Joey approached the GPW match-makers to make a plea on his friends behalf. Bubblegum needed something to fight for. He’d lost his way and needed something to cling to. It was then Joey himself who offered to put his precious Fast Track 4-Way spot on November 24th up for grabs if he could put it up against Bubblegum. Meaning, one of them will still have a chance of leaving 2017 and entering our 15th Year with a title. And the other, will end their title dreams for 2017 and will have to start again next year.

It’s a major, major gamble from Joey, who himself hasn’t held a title in GPW since 2009. If he wins, he’ll potentially put a final nail in Bubblegum’s 2017 coffin. If he loses, he’ll have no doubt helped a friend, but robbed himself of a potential title shot on the last show of the year. Add to all this the fact that these two men are two of the very best wrestlers in the UK and you have an absolutely mouth watering match up for October 6th.

What do you think will happen? Who qualifies for the final Fast Track on November 24th? Who do you want win? Who stands the best chance of holding gold going into our historic 15th year?

Pre-order your tickets for just £8 and see for yourself who will position themselves in a title shot before the year is out!