This Friday, at Friday Night Thriller X will be the very last time we see one of these teams in a GPW ring!

The former 2 time Tag Champions, The Island Brothers (Rio and Tabu) take on the team of Kollins & T-Bone in what promises to be a hard hitting, no love lost, emotionally charged match that will, no matter what, change the landscape of the tag division and the GPW roster, forever!

Kollins & Bone formed their team when then reigning tag champs, the Island Brothers issued an open challenge in March this year to a team not currently signed to the roster. The moment the 4 men locked horns, it was obvious we had a huge problem on our hands. There has been little to nothing that has been able to separate the teams ever since and it has become very clear that there is no room on the roster for both teams. Something has to give!

The teams have agreed that the losers of the match will split up forever, making way for the other team to continue on in the division. Let’s take a look at the who we could potentially lose this Friday and try and put ourselves in the shoes of the two teams.

Kollins & Bone united for one reason, domination of the tag division. The two bruising men, both with rich singles runs would form a formidable team that have only just started on their rampage. If they would be to lose this Friday, the team would be forced to split up with immediate affect and we would never really see them reach their full potential. If the team were to succeed, both men would have a suitable vehicle to realise title ambitions.

Continued success in the division could well result in a title win down the line, which would not only be Kollins’ first ever gold in GPW, but it would put T-Bone’s name on a prestigious list of people who have held all titles in Grand Pro as he would become the 4th Grand Slam Champion. Getting the Island Brothers out of their way on Friday would be a huge leap forward to get there. You better believe that Kollins & Bone will be doing everything they can to stay together at Friday Night Thriller X!

The Island Brothers first debuted in November 2012 and have since established themselves as one of the most dominant teams to have ever been in the division. Two time holders of the Tag Trophy, they have held reigned atop the division for a total of 545 days.

Rio and Tabu, real life brothers were first brought into GPW by Simon R. Valour. Valour, who acted as the brothers’ teacher, brought them into Grand Pro Wrestling as two unhinged savages. As time passed Valour’s true personality as a master manipulator unveiled itself. After losing the tag titles, Valour kidnapped and hid Rio from Tabu then forced Tabu to carry out his bidding, that was until when Tabu took all he could take, sent Valour packing for good and finally reunited with his brother.

After ditching Valour and embracing the genuine love from the GPW faithful, the brothers reformed the team that had brought them so much success then set their sites on regaining the titles. And they did. Overcoming The Hate League in February 2017 to hold the trophy for a second time. A run that was cut short due to the emergence of Kollins & Bone.

You have got to think that if the brothers are successful in getting through the match on October 6th, they’ll have their sites set yet again on an unprecedented 3rd title run. No team in nearly 15 years have held the title on 3 separate occasions, and 79 more days as champs will make their combined reigns, the longest ever combined reign in GPW Tag Team History, Quite the feat, if they can do it. It all starts this Friday against Kollins & Bone.

As you have read, both teams have a great deal to lose. The Loser Splits Up stipulation is a heart breaking one. At the end of this match, one of these teams will be torn apart. Who will it be? Whose legacy ends this Friday? Buy your tickets to be there live, if you pre-order now from the shop, you can get tickets for just £8. Discounted tickets will be available up until 6pm of show day, after that they are £9.50 on the door.

Friday Night Thriller X is the most unpredictable night of the year, which team will go onto do great things?! Be there!!