Our second show of the year will be held in just a few weeks time, on February 23rd! Tickets are available to purchase from the shop section of the website right now! If you missed our first show, Back With A Bang, don’t panic, it is now available to view from our On Demand service right here – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/grandprowrestling

Northern Soul is the next instalment of our record breaking 15th year and we have an incredible line up waiting for you, here’s the full low down of what you can expect.

Main Event – Heavyweight Title Match: Dylan Roberts (c) v. El Ligero

At Back With A Bang, El Ligero made his return to Grand Pro Wrestling after over 2 years away from the roster. At first, his return looked like it couldn’t have got any better as he overcame 3 others (Cyanide, Rio and Soner Dhursun) in the 2018’s first Fast Track 4-Way. The win entitled Ligero to a shot at any title he wanted, as long as he cashed it in before the end of the night. As the referee raised his hand, Ligero signalled his intentions to cash in on the Heavyweight Title. Thanks to title holder, Dylan Roberts – Ligero would never get that chance.

With Alan Alan Alan Tasker at his side, Roberts sneaked up behind Ligero as he celebrated and hit him over the back of the head with the title belt. As Tasker barked that “no one would ever take this title off Dylan Roberts”, Roberts continued the punishment on Ligero by locking him in his Son of a Clutch submission that has disposed so many would-be challengers and injuring many of them.

Roberts grip on Ligero didn’t loosen until Joey Hayes arrived and fended him off, but the damage had already been done. Roberts’ intention was to protect his title and take away any possible chance of losing it by eliminating any contenders. He did just that rendering Ligero unable to cash in his rightful Fast Track as he spent the following 2 days in a local hospital.

GPW management see that it’s the right thing to do to award Ligero the title shot he should have had at Back With A Bang at Northern Soul Dylan Roberts will not wriggle out of the defence this time. Roberts’ attempts have backfired, as now he’ll have to face a fully recovered, full re-hab’d and vengeful El Ligero! It’s an unmissable main event between two men who have a long history with one another. Be there to see it live!


Intergender Tag Match: Feelgood Media Ltd v. The Austin’s

It’s a first time ever match in GPW! An Intergender Tag Team Match!

L.A Austin’s chance to defeat Jumpin’ Jimmy Jackson at Back With A Bang was taken from him when 2/3rds of Feelgood Media Limited (Dirk Feelgood and Melanie Price) made their presence felt at ring side. After the match, to add insult to injury the duo started to lay the boots into Austin. Knowing Feelgood as we do, this attack wasn’t random. This was a hangover from last years Women’s Tournament when L.A Austin’s sister, Lana defeated Melanie Price in the final. Unaware that Lana was even there that night, FML wanted to make a statement using her brother.

However, Lana was there! To the fans delight, she raced to the ring to save her brother from the 2 on 1 beat down, bouncing Price around just as she had done in the tournament finals. FML retreated and went onto make a challenge to both the Austin’s, a first ever GPW Intergender Tag Match. Feelgood buying himself time until the final member of FML, Abel Stevens was in the building, making the challenge for February 23rd, Northern Soul. That time is now here, brace yourself for what will be an incredible intergender tag match!


Joey Hayes in Action!

Joey has never seemed more fired up for action as he did at Back With A Bang. Taking the fight to Heavyweight Champ, Dylan Roberts and matching him punch for punch. The man from 14 Bridge St Higher Fold Leigh doesn’t have an announced opponent for February 23rd, but he will be in attendance and he has told us he will once again bring his fighting boots with him.

What impact will Joey have at Northern Soul? Who will we see him fight? Find out live and buy your tickets now!


Singles Match: Rio v. Cyanide

These two men will meet for the very first time in a one on one encounter at Northern Soul. They first clashed at Back With A Bang in the show opening Fast Track 4-Way. The two performers cancelled each other out as neither got the upper hand on the other. Both men requested this match just minutes after the Fast Track 4-Way ended. Both have decorated GPW careers, but who will win?

There is frustration here, there is an unsettled score here and there is a must-see match taking place on February 23rd at Northern Soul, go and buy your tickets now!


Tag Team Title Match: Smith & Kirby v. The Bad Lads (c)

The Tag Team Titles go on the line at Northern Soul when Champions, The Bad Lads take on new challengers Martin Kirby and Ashton Smith!

Smith and Kirby worked together at the Back With A Bang main event to overcome Drill and win the match for their team. Their tag team cohesion was impressive, so impressive that the two have come together to form a new tag team, and with a pin over reigning champions, they are entitled to a title shot straight away!

Kirby hasn’t held a title in GPW since December 2012, and Ashton has never held a GPW title yet. Their combined abilities and combined desire to hold gold in our 15th year will surely stand them in good stead. However, their opponents are not to be underestimated. Two time GPW Tag Team Champions, the Bad Lads are more dangerous than ever. With the addition of Big Joe all 3 of them will defend their titles at Northern Soul. Smith and Kirby will have to be on their best day to compete with them, can they do it?


Singles Match: “Dangerous” Damon Leigh v. Isiah Quinn w/ The House of Isiah

Undefeated Isiah Quinn is a man high on confidence. With an impressive win list behind him he took to the microphone at Back With A Bang and ran down one of GPW’s most loved stars, Dangerous Damon Leigh. DDL, who had been sidelined for months due to a serious shoulder injury caused by Dylan Roberts was called “broken” by Quinn as he publicly called for his retirement. He cited that new stars like himself had achieved and will achieve more than he (DDL) have has and ever will do.

Quinn’s harsh words looked to go unpunished as he, flanked by House of Isiah follower, Nick Maguire left the ring. As DDL, still not cleared to wrestle, carried out enforcer duties in the main event, Dylan Roberts looked to re-injure the Grand Slam Hall of Famer, this was Quinn’s queue to come out to ringside and prod DDL some more as he looked down on him repeatedly calling for him to retire, quit, give up. DDL fired up and ran both Quinn and Maguire off. There’s fight in the old dog yet.

Now medically cleared to wrestle, Damon has requested a match against the undefeated Quinn at Northern Soul. Will this be the end of Quinn’s winning streak? Can the wily Hall of Fame veteran be the first to give Quinn a taste of defeat? Or, will Quinn win again?


Sandy Beach, Tries Again

In sharp juxtaposition to Quinn’s winning streak sits the unflattering streak of Sandy Beach. Beach, debuted a year ago and still hasn’t won. It doesn’t stop him trying though, every month he comes back, looking for that elusive first victory. At Northern Soul, February 23rd, he’ll try again. Could this be his first victory?


Buy your tickets to see Northern Soul live on Feb 23rd from our shop, you can pre-order for just £8, go and do it now! grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop