Well, if you missed Northern Soul II on March 24th, you might have just missed one of the greatest GPW shows of all time.

Every once in a while, there’s a show that comes along and defines a promotion. These are special moments that you just have to be there for. Luckily, for a sold out Rose Club on March 24th, a lot of GPW fans were. There have been several of these type of shows in the past for us, but this one, in an extremely competitive and developing time, this one was special.

For those wanting to re-live the night, or for those who just want to check in on results, here they are:

Singles Match: Cyanide def. “Magnificent” Matthew Brooks via Pinfall

A spirited effort by “Mr. Operamania” Matthew Brooks ended in defeat when former Heavyweight Champion, Cyanide caught him in his “Lethal Drop” finish for the decisive 3 count. This was a focused Cyanide, who clearly hadn’t come to play. However, Brooks did his stock no harm as he never looked liking backing down.


Six Man Tag: Bubblegum & The Midnight Bin Collection def. The Bad Lads & Big Joe via Pinfall

The roof needs to be battened down every time the 3 most popular men on the roster come together, and at Northern Soul II, that was no different. The MBC (“Two Shades” Jet Fashion and Ste “Bin” Man) recently returning from their spending spree after winning the Sheikh’s fortune in November had come kitted out with fancy new gear, including a rabbit fur coat and gold jewelry. Bubblegum needed to get back on track after his loss to Sam Gradwell at Back With A Bang.

Their opponents had the wind in their sails after the Bad Lads had added Big Joe to their double act. However, the man who has had their number in the past, Bubblegum caught Drill out with a Double Stomp for the 1, 2, 3. Bubbelgum has his first pinfall of the year and it’s good to have former Tag Champs, Midnight Bin Collection back! I am sure the Bad Lads will re-group and come back strong for A Night To Remember on May 12th.


Womens Tournament Match: Natalie Wild def. Lucy Sky via Submission

As reported, the scheduled Tournament match on Friday March 24th between Natalie Wild and Toni Storm was changed last minute due to Toni pulling out through illness. We were pleased to hear that Toni still managed to make her Progress booking in London on Sunday however. We were inundated with requests from women wrestlers the world over to take part in the tournament, but we chose 18 year old Lucy Sky.

Lucy has been attending GPW shows since she was 5 years old, never missing a single show in that time and had always dreamed of competing in the GPW ring. What better way to make your GPW debut than in the first Womens match in 6 years! No matter the result from here, Lucy was already a winner making a major dream come true. She was eventually defeated by Wild by submission but in no means disgraced herself, leaving the Ballroom with an army of new fans and has probably inspired every other 5 year old in the audience to be in her position one day. So, Wild progresses through the tournament and now faces a new opponent on May 12th. Who will it be?


British Title Match: Joey Hayes def. “Jumpin” Jimmy Jackson (c) via DQ

Joey Hayes and Jimmy Jackson have been intrinsically linked together by the British Title since last year. Joey came to Jimmy’s aid on several occasions to ensure he kept the title and March 24th was the chance for Jimmy to re-pay Joey with a singles match for the belt.

In a match that may have tested fans’ loyalties, it certainly caught the attention of the sold out audience, and really announced Jackson’s arrival as Champion never got the finish it deserved. Cyanide, the man whose attempt to cash in his title shot at Back With A Bang was foiled by Hayes interrupted the match, violently attacking Hayes for the second time in two shows. The referee awarded the match to Hayes via DQ but Jackson keeps the title. There are some serious issues with Cyanide and Hayes, the sooner this gets resolved, the better.


Tag Title Match: Island Brothers (c) def. T-Bone & Craig Kollins via Count Out

T-Bone finally unveiled his partner as the returning Craig Kollins who has been out for 8 months with a shoulder injury. The two started slowly but seemed to gel as the match went on against two-time tag champs, Rio and Tabu. Keeping Rio contained in the ring, Kollins and Bone began to dominate until it csame to the final 1/4 of the match,

In the final quarter of the match, The Island Brothers had Kollins and Bone on the back foot but the match descended into a fist fight outside the ring, to which Head Official, Michael Fitzgerald began his 10 count. With no team gaining the upper hand, the time ticked away and on 9 seconds, both Rio and Tabu rocked Kollins and Bone with two right hands giving them enough time to beat the 10 count and leave their adversaries on the outside of the ring to be counted out. By the looks of it, this is only just the start of the problems between these 4 men,.


Singles Match: Martin Kirby def. The Sheikh’s Investment

The Sheikh revealed a second investment in his bid to teach Kirby a lesson for losing his money, we found out that investment to be Don Meacho. Formally associated with The Bad Lads, Meacho hasn’t been seen for a while but he returned with a bang here making a formidable opponent for Kirby.

Kirby had his hands full with Meacho but eventually caught him out with the Kirby’s Dreamland for the win. Following the match, just as at Back With A Bang, Sheikh Mohammed Rizzy Khan took to the ring to beat and humiliate Kirby. The Sheikh is running out of investments, can he teach Kirby the lesson he wants to before they run out, or will Kirby keep winning?


Main Event, WWE UKCT Re-Match: Sam Gradwell def. “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne

If you missed this, you really missed out. The re-match that no one else could bring you and that everyone wanted to see lived up to every bit of hype that went before it. Gradwell seemed to gain the upper hand when he attacked Dunne after he spent time taking photos with the fans during the interval, just as Dunne had done to Gradwell at the end of Night 1 of the WWE UKCT.

When the “Bruiserweight” made his entrance, there wasn’t a single person sitting. Despite not being a fan favorite on the WWE Network, everyone in the audience had come to see Dunne beat Gradwell again. And it the result seemed like a foregone conclusion when Dunne grabbed Gradwell and toured him round the entire venue beating him senseless with chairs, tables, even using children as weapons (!!) and event at one point, throwing Gradwell off the balcony!! And this was all before the match had started!

Eventually Dunne made a mistake and now back in the ring, he was able to take advantage. As the crowd went crazy for Dunne to get the win, it wasn’t to be as Gradwell caught him with an unseen low blow followed by the Diving Headbutt. It is now 1 – 1, who out there thinks we need a decider?


Our next event is on May 12th, tickets are available from the shop now and just £8 when ordered online. Expect to see a major Title re-match, Fast Track 4-Way, Sheikh’s next Investment our next entry into the GPW Hall of Fame and much, much more!

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