The rain in Hindley hammered down on the night of Great British Beatdown. Typical for English Summer time, right? It didn’t dampen spirits of the Grand Pro faithful who packed the Rose Club to the rafters, so much so – we ran out of seats, and tickets! If you weren’t one of the hundreds of fans there to see it live, here’s what went down! All photos credit to our wonderful photographer, Tony Knox.

Bonus Singles Match: “Magnificent” Matthew Brooks def. Sandy Beech via Pin Fall

We started the night in operatic fashion as “Magnificent” Matthew Brooks delivered on his promise and treated fans to a classic performance. However, we weren’t expecting the hapless Sandy Beech to make an appearance. Beech made his debut at A Night to Remember when he claimed he didn’t agree with women in wrestling, and that they should be in the kitchen, right before Lizzy Styles kicked his ass and pinned him in under 2 minutes.

He thought he’d try the same thing here, wondering out, unannounced directing his comments to Matthew Brooks, professing to hate opera and girls who want to wrestle. But what he really hated was opera singers, who looked like girls who wrestle. The bell rang, and we started the night off with a match no one was expecting. However, the result for Beech was the same as it was the month before as he was, once again, beaten in under 2 minutes. Better luck next time.


British Title Match: “Jumpin” Jimmy Jackson (c) def. Don Meacho via Pin Fall

Since becoming GPW British Champion, Jimmy Jackson had has his doubters. They have claimed he hasn’t defended the title in a decisive way since winning it, and even won the title on a fluke. Don Meacho compounded those notions when he pinned Jackson at A Night to Remember during a Six Man Tag, earning himself a title shot.

It was a chance for Don Meacho to win gold and a chance for Jackson to notch up a decisive win, however, with a pin fall loss to Meacho recently, Jackson even though wearing the gold, went in the underdog. Giving up a lot of size to Meacho is plain to see, emphasised by the fact that Meacho easily disposed of Jackson in the match with a devastating Buckle Bomb, before nearly squashing Jackson’s head with the Sicilian Charge. It was enough for Meacho to lead the match, but he wasn’t able to keep Jackson down.

Running on guts, instinct and feeding off the hundreds of fans behind him, Jackson rallied and got Meacho on the backfoot for long enough he could scale the top rope and hit him with his patented 450 Splash for the win. Meacho though did well and will live to fight another day. It was a hugely important win for Jackson, who needed this to validate his run as champion. He will now enter his 12 month as champion.

8 Man Tag: Kollins / Bone & The Bad Lads (c) def.  Midnight Bin Collection & The Island Brothers via Pin Fall

4 tag teams were put into two different teams In what gave us on paper what looked to be the craziest match of the night The new GPW Tag Team Champions, The Bad Lads teamed with the newest tag team, Kollins  Bone to take on two former holders of the tag trophy, The Island Brothers and The Midnight Bin Collection.

The decibel levels were deafening when former Champs, Island Brothers made their entrance and they only got louder when the rock star like reactions for “2 Shades” and Bin Man of the MBC blew the roof off. When the bell rang, it didn’t take long before the referee lost control, in hindsight – we should have probably had more than out official watching over this one!

A horrifying T-Bone headbutt silenced the crowd as his skull met the skull of Rio, somehow Bone stayed on his feet and the match continued. A guillotine type lariat, courtesy of Bin Man to Kollins again broke up play but with the action moving so quickly, it wasn’t long before Bin Man himself found himself on the wrong end of a Drill big boot.

Just when it looked like control had been re-gained, the issues between The Island Brothers and Kollins & Bone brought things to boiling point again, and the action spilled over as the two teams brawled on the outside. It left the tag Champs, The Bad Lads to duke it out with the Midnight Bin Collection. A Bin Man missed dive gave Drill the opening the Bad Lads needed as he picked up the pieces and got the victory in a match that could’ve gone any way.

Once the final bell rang, The Bad Lads lived up their name and took advantage of the numbers game. Their plan didn’t last long as L.A Austin (who had returned at A Night to Remember) made a special appearance to even up the odds. In doing so, he gained a measure of revenge over Big Joe, who had pinned him and eliminated him from the Fast Track 4-Way.

Isaiah Quinn def. “The Ringmaster” Nicholas Cartier by Pin Fall

Quinn announced the audience before the match that their were “wolves in sheeps clothing, and it was sheep who followed. All he needed now was for them to show their teeth”. A revealing few words that wouldn’t reveal its true meaning until later.

Accompanied to the ring by Melanie Price, The Ringmaster wasted no time at all in taking the fight to Quinn. He rushed through the curtain, with fists flying as the two collided and the match was on. Quinn’s disciple, Nate Travis was quick on the action too as he interfered, holding Price on the ropes as Quinn threatened to whip her with Cartier’s own bull whip.

Travis’ participation in the match continued to the point he was ejected from ringside by the official, leaving Quinn to fight his own battle. Cartier took over and the match looked to be going in his favour after Melanie Price got her own back on Quinn, tripping him up causing him to take a big tumble on the cold wood floor. Several times, Ringmaster looked like he had the match won, but Quinn escaped from the jaws of defeat each time. Just as Quinn seemed done, Nate Travis re-appeared at the entrance way, taking the referee’s attention away from the match long enough for Quinn’s “sheep” to reveal themselves.

From out of the audience, out came Nick Maguire. Maguire entered the ring and superkicked an unsuspecting Cartier into Quinn for him to hit “QuinnsTown Massacre” to etch out another for an important win that keeps Quinn undefeated. It now looks as though “The Lone Wolf” isn’t alone anymore, and that Quinn’s followers have spread even further. What is next for “The Guiding Light” and his ever growing devoted followers?

Tag Team Match: Ashton Smith & Joey Hayes def. Cyanide & Dylan Roberts via Pin Fall

A lot of pride on the line in this match up as Ashton and Joey teamed for the first time against Cyanide and reigning Heavyweight Champion, Dylan Roberts.

After an impressive start by Ashton and Joey, it was Ashton who was caught out by the monster Cyanide. Dylan came in and tuned up the heat on Ashton who was unable, no matter how hard he tried, to make the tag to his partner Joey. The crowd cheered for Ashton to make it, but he was thwarted every time. Until, Roberts made a mistake and Smith slipped through his fingers to tag in Joey.


Joey hit the ring with a house of fire and swung the match back in favour of he and Ashton. He carried the match as Ashton regained his composure on the outside and rejuvenate. Joey kept both Roberts and Cyanide at bay long enough for Ashton to tag back in and take Dylan out of the equation. It left the huge Cyanide to deal with, but Joey and Ashton came together to hit a Superkick and J.K.O combo to get the 3 count on the big man, and the all important win.

However, Dylan wasn’t happy. He re-entered the ring after the final bell rung and laid boots to both Smith and Hayes, just as he was about to hook Joey in the “Son of a Clutch”, Hall of Famer “Dangerous” Damon Leigh’s music hit and out he came to run off Roberts. DDL took to the mic and challenged Roberts to a first time ever one on one match for the Heavyweight title. Roberts is yet to respond…

Women’s Tournament Match: Natalie Wild def. Lizzy Styles via Submission

In a match that was supposed to have taken place at A Night to Remember but didn’t due to a Natalie Wild no-show, Wild was warned if she didn’t show up this time, she would not only be fined, but she would be automatically be fore-fitting her place in the tournament. And she had right to be scared. Lizzy came to GPW with a huge fan following that watched her dispatch of Sandy Beech in record time. But, Wild had a game plan.

It has become Wild’s M.O, to attack before the bell, and it was no change here as she attacked Styles before she had even had chance to get to the ring. It worked in Wild;s favour as she took early control of the match but couldn’t keep Styles’ shoulders to the mat for the win.

Styles came back into the match with the tools that had got her to the dance. Devastating running forearms in the turnbuckle rocked Wild and a missile drop kick from the top rope nearly took her head off. But, it wasn’t enough. The resourceful Wild stayed one step ahead, catching Styles in the “Bitch Tamer” submission where Styles battled to hold but eventually had to give in to Wild as Lucy Skye and the injured Lana Austin had done in previous months. Once again, Natalie Wild progressed in the tournament. Can anyone stop her?

As Wild refused to let Lizzy go in the submission, someone backstage had seen enough, out came Lana Austin! Austin who had been sidelined for up to 12 months with injury had made a miraculous recovery in time to not only re-enter the tournament, but to also get her hands on the person who had sidelined her in the first place, Natalie Wild. Lana raced to the ring and was able to take Natalie down for a moment before she escaped. There is more to come from these two, as Lana is now officially cleared to wrestle and will re-enter the tournament to face Natalie Wild one on one on September 1st!

Singles Match: Martin Kirby def. The Sheikh Mohammed Khan via Count Out

This one had been a long, long time coming! After months and months of pitting Martin Kirby against as series of “investments” The Sheikh ran out of options and was forced to face Kirby in a singles match.

From the moment Kirby made his entrance (now with his entrance music back) through the curtain, it was plain to see he was eager to get his hands on the man who had attempted to make most of his 2017 miserable. In contrast, The Sheikh didn’t seem so eager on his entrance. Taking his time getting to the ring, taking his time taking off his regalia and then, taking his time starting the match. He gave Kirby the run around outside and inside the ring, until Kirby eventually backed Khan into a corner and the match was on.

But it didn’t stay on for long.

Khan held his own, fending Kirby off, then taking the fight to him but when Kirby started to fight back and looked to hit his “Sable Bomb” but as it went for it,, it all got too much for The Sheikh as he saw defeat coming, he bailed out of the ring, forfeiting the match by count out before Kirby could exact any real revenge. This issue is far from over.

Main Event: Sam Gradwell def. Bubblegum via Pin Fall

“Inside that ring, no one can touch you. You’re the best. But outside that ring, out here, in the real world – you’re a disaster. You’re a train wreck. Your life is a total and utter mess. I, tonight will put you out of your misery.”

These were the cutting words that Sam Gradwell attacked Bubblegum with before the main event got underway. It did nothing but light a fire under Bubblegum who came out of the ring with a high speed, high impact topé to take the fight to Sam. And he did.

The match unofficially started, outside of the ring as the two brawled among the audience. Bubblegum, getting the upper hand early with a breath taking double stomp off the stairs onto Sam’s back. Gradwell created distance and gained momentum back long enough for the match to be started proper as the bell rang and the two fought in the ring.

In a hard to watch moment of the match, Gradwell unloaded on Bubbelgum with vicious kicks to the chest, announcing each one with the names of Bubblegum’s children. However, Gradwell, didn’t get the last laugh and it was Bubblegum who took the kicks and fired back up at the WWE performer with kicks of his own, correcting Gradwell with each deafening blow, “This is for Sonny! This is for Rocco! This is for George! And this one, is for me!” provided one of the most memorable parts of what was a truly fantastic main event.

But, Bubblegum couldn’t put Gradwell away for the win. And it was Sam who capitalised on a Bubblegum mistake as he tried to close the match the same way he’d started it, with a suicide topé. This time, it didn’t work. Sam moved out of the way and Bubblegum’s head met with the steel guard rails. All that was left was for Sam to roll Bubblegum into the ring and hit the diving headbutt, a move that has seen him put so many away this year.

Had Sam’s words at the start of the match played into Bubblegum’s mind? Or was Sam right all along? Afterall, if Bubblegum hadn’t have left the confides of the ring, he wouldn’t have hit the guard rail and wouldn’t have lost the match.

Gradwell’s hand was raised in victory and Bubblegum was left in the ring where he uttered the words to the sell out audience “Maybe he’s right. Maybe i can’t do this anymore….” a thought provoking way to end a brilliant show. What does the future hold for Bubblegum? What does the future hold for Sam? Find out at our next show on Sep 1st, tickets available for sale now!