The next Grand Pro Wrestling show, “The Great British Beatdown” happens on July 28th and tickets are on sale right now! The whole card is announced and in this blog we’ll have a brief look over each of the matches.

Main Event: Sam Gradwell v. Bubblegum

These two do NOT like one another! The situation between Gradwell and Bubblegum reached boiling point in May at “A Night to Remember” when Gradwell publicly questioned Bubblegum as a performer and, during stunned a audience, questioned him as a father to his 3 boys. Gradwell is claiming this will be Bubblegum’s “retirement match” and with a win already against him this year, Bubblegum will surely have the fight of his life on his hands against the WWE contracted superstar. There is genuine ill feeling between these two, you cannot miss this fabulous main event!


Tag Team Match: Dylan Roberts w/ Alan A.A Tasker & Cyanide v. Joey Hayes & Ashton Smith

Two teams who have never tagged together before are thrown together in a tasty looking tag match with some of the biggest names on the roster! Ashton Smith has had his problems with Heavyweight Champion, Dylan Roberts and vice versa. His partner, Joey Hayes has had his problems with Cyanide. Neither of the issues on either side have been resolved, so let’s stick them all in one big tag team match and see what happens! Expect fireworks here!


An Audience with Matthew Brooks

The “Magnificent” Matthew Brooks has requested a special moment with the GPW fans at The Great British Beatdown and his wishes have been granted! We’re not sure what he wants, but we’re hazarding a guess that it’ll be operatic! Make sure you’re part of the audience for An Audience with Matthew Brooks!


Grudge Match: “The Guiding Light” Isiah Quinn vs. “The Ringmaster” Nicholas Cartier w/ Melanie Price

Rivalries in wrestling can start over the smallest or biggest thing. And some, just start. i think Quinn and Cartier have been enemies before they’d even taken their first breath.

Recently. the two have been pitched against each other in the Fast Track 4-Way matches. They have cancelled each other out in both encounters by preventing wins for one another in the first match, and both being counted out in the second match. Rivalries as fierce as this one will always find a way to bubble to the surface and on July 28th, it will do just that. Don’t miss this Grudge Match!


8 Man Mega Match: Island Brothers & Midnight Bin Collection v. T-Bone / Kollins & The Bad Lads (c)

I hope the Rose Club is big enough to contain this match! For the first time ever, two former Tag Team Champions (Midnight Bin Collection & The Island Brothers) team up together! As a 4 man unit, they will meet common enemies of GPW’s newest tag team T-Bone & Craig Kollins along with their partners, reigning Tag Champs, The Bad Lads.

The Bad Lads surprised everyone at “A Night to Remember” when Bad Lad member, Big Joe used his Fast Track to cash in on the tag titles following the Island Brothers match against T-Bone and Kollins. With the titles now being defended under “Freebird Rules”, we’re still not sure which Bad Lads will be partnering T-Bone and Kollins, but whoever it is this match already looks like one of the biggest tag team matches we’ve ever had!


GPW British Title Match: Don Meacho v. Jumpin’ Jimmy Jackson (c)

The British title goes on the line at The Great British Beatdown when Jumpin Jimmy Jackson defends against Don Meacho. Meacho holds a pinfall victory over Jackson in a tag match that took place in May at “A Night to Remember” and has been adamant he wanted a title shot immediately. Jackson has been quick to agree to the match, wanting to prove some of his doubters who call him a “lucky champion” wrong. Will he do it? Or can Dom Meacho continue his roll?


GPW Women’s Tournament Match: Lizzy Styles v. Natalie Wild

The match that never took place at “A Night to Remember” will DEFINITELY take place at “The Great British Beatdown”! We postponed the last bracket in the tournament when Wild pulled out due to illness, she is now legally bound to carry out the match against Lizzy. Despite her illness though, Natalie Wild is undefeated in the tournament and remains the woman to beat, Lizzy Styles will once again come with her popular reputation and fan base and despite Wild’s no-show, Lizzy still fought and defeated male opposition, Sandy Beach, showing GPW fans why she calls herself a One Woman Army,


Singles Match: The Sheikh Mohammed Rizzy Khan v. Martin Kirby

The once wealthy Sheikh has finally run out of his “investments”. After enlisting help from hired guns to put a stop to Kirby’s career, Khan is now left with no option but to try and stop Kirby himself. Can Kirby overcome The Sheikh once and for all? Or will the sneaky Sheikh have more tricks up his sleeve? Find out by being at the show on July 28th, get your tickets from the shop here for just £8!


Head to the shop right now and pre-order your tickets for what will no doubt be another incredible night of action at The Rose Club, Hindley!