Ever thought about starting training to become a wrestler?

We have an intake for all new students on June 4th. This is your chance to seize a dream!

Here’s a little about us, our training school and what to do if you want to find out more or sign up for a place on June 4th.


Our training school first opened in February 2003, we are the most established wrestling school in the North of England, and we’re proud of it.

In the last 14 years, we have graduated some of the major names in British wrestling including: CJ Banks, Sam Gradwell, Matthew Brooks, the Island Brothers, Bin Man, Jet Fashion, The Bad Lads, Lana Austin, Danny Hope, Wahoo Thunderfoot, The Ringmaster, Sexy Kev, Isiah Quinn, Dylan Roberts, Jimmy Jackson and much, much more!

As well as in ring talent, we have also produced many ring announcers, commentators, referees and managers.

We have a dedicated team of trainers with a wealth of experience and friendly approach to help you live out a dream and reach your full potential  Our training centre boasts a fully matted area plus a 16ft x 16ft pro ring. We are located near Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 0GQ we have free parking and excellent, clean facilities. I am sure you will love our gym just as much as we do!

Over the years, we have played round with different methods, but the one we find works the best is when all new students join in one group. You will all learn the same things at the same time giving you an important peer group as you go through your journey in professional wrestling. There are chances to mix it up with more experienced trainees, you won’t be in the same group all the time. Working with different levels of ability will also help you greatly in succeeding.

In addition to regular classes there are often special seminars held where a guest trainer / speaker will attend for the day.

The cost of training is £15 per session. Each session is 3 hours long and includes, warm up, wrestling drills, bump drills, match psychology, promo work, character development, debrief, personal development plans and more. The 3 hour class is complete and utter value for money where you will be given a fully comprehensive learning about wrestling and the wrestling business.

In addition to dedicated learning, we also have accredited strength coaches, fitness coaches and personal trainers on hand. Not to mention, physios and access to reduced cost on work out supplements that will aid you in reaching peak strength and fitness.

To join in one of our starter groups like the students in these pictures, we require a £10 non refundable deposit to book your place. This can be paid in either by cash at the school prior to June 1st, or PayPal. Our next date is June 4th and spaces are filling up. All you will need on the day is £15 cash, t shirt, shorts and trainers.

If you would like to know anything more specific, or would like to chat about the school, please get in touch. Give Johnnie a call on 07703 312 146, or send an email to info@grandprowrestling.co.uk

And remember,

the hardest thing about wrestling training, is starting wrestling training. Your chance to start is on June 4th!!