We’re just days away from our massive Great British Beat Down show!

With such a strong card to look forward to, it’s a hard task to single just one of the matches out to focus on, but we’re going to hone in on the lip smacking main event grudge match between Sam Gradwell and Bubblegum.

These two have met once already this year at the Back With A Bang Main Event in February where Sam picked up the victory. You would have been forgiven in thinking any issue between the two was settled there and then. It wasn’t.

In May, at A Night to Remember, Gradwell had some harsh words for an unsuspecting Bubblegum as he rubbed it into his face that while the wrestling world enjoyed a boom period, he had been forgotten about and left behind. Bubblegum restrained himself from a reaction but Gradwell didn’t stop. He claimed Bubblegum had never wrestled for the fans, he had only wrestled for himself. Still, Bubblegum didn’t react.

This time, Sam got personal. He brought Bubblegum’s children into it. Announcing, that his unborn son would automatically be better than Bubblegum’s kids because he was his son and not Bubblegum’s. He was the one with the WWE contract, and Bubblegum had nothing.

The last straw came as Gradwell went onto berate Bubblegum in a manner he couldn’t let him get away with. He told the sold out audience that the one they cheered for had failed at wrestling, just as he had failed at being a father. That’s when Bubblegum could take it no more and the two quickly came to blows.

It was there where we saw a glimpse of  what we might see at Great British Beatdown, a violent, hard hitting, passionate fight between two of the UK’s premier performers. Gradwell escaped before Bubblegum could get the revenge he wanted and you can only imagine that the hate has been building up inside of him ever since. I for one, wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the ball of rage that awaits Gradwell on July 28th. Bubblegum had this to say:


“No one. NO ONE. Brings my boys into this. Call me what you want, but do NOT bring my boys, or my role as their father into wrestling. Everything i do, i do it for them. Every beat of my heart is for them. Sam Gradwell may have the WWE contract but he has not one single ounce of professionalism. He has crossed the line, and on July 28th i am bringing holy hell down on his head, so much so that he may never have the chance to wrestle for WWE again.”


One question has bugged us as to why Gradwell chose Bubblegum to unleash this verbal attack on. This is what he had to say:


“Let’s get one thing straight. I respect Bubblegum. There probably isn’t many other wrestlers in the UK that are any better than he is. Everyone knows it. Everyone talks about it. But what no one is actually saying, is what i said At Night To Remember – the truth. I gave the GPW fans, and Bubblegum a dose of reality they all sorely need. He is a failure. He has failed. It’s time to put him, and his career out of their misery. Wrestling has moved on, it’s left him behind. It’s time he realised it. I’m bring him closer to that realisation when i retire him on July 28th.”