We are getting very close to our next live event on May 12th!

“A Night to Remember” is an annual event held in honour and remembrance of former GPW wrestlers Dom Travis (1980 – 2012) and Kris Travis (1983 – 2016). It is also the night we give thanks by opening up the doors to our Hall of Fame and granting access to on more individual. Who will it be this year?

Here is the full card for May 12th, read all about the matches, including our Double Main Event then head to the shop to pre-order your tickets, they are going fast!

GPW Heavyweight Title Match Ft. Special Guest Referee

Ashton Smith v. Dylan Roberts (c)

Part 1 of our Double Main Event is a re-match from February, however this time around the registered GPW officials, who were injured during the first encounter have refused to officiate the match! So, this match will have a special guest referee to be announced on Facebook and Twitter in the next few days, and will once again be for the Heavyweight Title!

If you saw, or heard about Dylan v. Smith the first time round, you’d be completely insane to miss this re-match. The two tore the house down. The match did result in the pair getting suspended due to the injuries sustained by officials so there is absolutely no love lost between these two and the stakes are as high as they can go!  DO NOT MISS THIS thrilling main event match!

Main Event Grudge Match:

Cyanide v. Joey Hayes

The second part of our Double Main event sees an issue that has been simmering since the start of the year come to a head. Cyanide holds Hays responsible for him not taking British Title gold at the start of the year. Since then he has targeted Joey, attacking him when he is isolated and attempting to put him on the injured list.

Joey wants to take the monster former Heavyweight Champ on and beat him in order for these jump attacks to stop. It’s David vs. Goliath in this meaty looking match you cannot miss!

GPW Tag Team Trophy Match:

Bone & Kollins v. Island Brothers (c)

It was just 1 second that separated these two at the last show as the Island Brothers pipped the new pairing of Bone and Kollins at the post for a count out victory. The new team of Kollins and Bone seemed to catch the 2 time tag champs off guard as they struggled to get the job done in the ring.

A re-match is needed to decide who is the better team, and the Trophy is on the line!

Sam Gradwell Interview:

Coming off arguably the biggest win of his career by defeating Pete Dunne in an instant classic last show, Sam Gradwell has asked for mic time at A Night To Remember. What is on his mind? What could he want to say? Don’t miss this!

GPW Women’s Tournament:

Natalie Wild v. Lizzy Styles

The inaugural Women’s Tournament continues at A Night To Remember as we welcome Lizzy Styles into the next round. Lizzy, making her GPW debut will take on the woman who has owned this tournament before it even began. Natalie Wild injured Lana Austin putting her out for up to a year before she made GPW life long fan, Lucy Sky tap out when she entered the tournament last show. Can Lizzy stop her and go onto advance to the next round?

Fast Track 4-Way:

Quinn v. Cartier v. Big Joe v. Austin

One of these guys is getting a title shot on May 12th!! There’s no love lost between Nicholas Cartier and Issiah Quinn who blame one another for not winning the 4-way last time around and who both go into this Fast Track due to not being pinned in the last one. Joining them is the latest addition to the Bad Lads stable, Big Joe! Having only debuted at Back With A Bang, this is Joe’s first opportunity at making a name for himself. And please welcome back, high flying sensation L.A Austin as the 4th and final competitor in the match.

Brother to Lana Austin, L.A had his own injury worries when he broke his leg in the ring over 3.5 years ago. L.A hasn’t wrestled since and May 12th will be first time he’s stepped foot in the ring! Who will earn a title shot and which title will they choose to cash in on?

Singles Match:

Martin Kirby v. The Sheikh’s Investment

So far, all of The Sheikh’s Investments have failed to stop Kirby. Kirby has beaten them all, but Sheikh Mohammed Rizzy Khan has promised that Kirby has never met anything like his next investment before. Who could The Sheikh have in mind for May 12th?

Six Man Tag:

The Hate League & Don Meacho v. Bubblegum, Jumpin’ Jimmy Jackson & Matt Brooks

A star studded six man awaits at A Night To Remember. Former Tag Team Champions, The Hate League team up with Don Meacho to take on former British and Heavyweight Champion Bubblegum who teams up with current British Champion, Jumpin Jimmy Jackson and rising star “Magnificent” Matt Brooks.


Seven matches, a must-see interview PLUS a Hall of Fame entry?  What more could you want on a Friday night? Pre-order your tickets now for just £8 from the Shop!

See you all at the show!