Another historic night for Grand Pro Wrestling and the tenth Friday Night Thriller came and went with some explosive action that gave the crowd a lot to talk about. For those of our fans who couldn’t be in attendance, here is what went down.

2 on 3 Tag Team Title Match: Midnight Bin Collection def. Bad Lads (c) by DQ

There was no love lost between these two teams as they came together for this match. Having fought each other for more than 3 years, every man in the match was looking to demolish the opposition to settle their differences.

The Midnight Bin Collection started things off strong, quickly ejecting Drill and Micky Barnes from the ring and switching the 3-on-2 scenario around into a 2-on-1. It wasn’t long, however, before the numbers came back around on them. The match out into a chaotic finish which the referee eventually had to throw out completely, disqualifying the Bad Lads but keeping the trophy firmly in their grasp.

After the match, all three men continued their beatdown until LA Austin showed up to even the score, flying from the top rope to come down on them and bending one of our barricades in half! Back on top, Bin Man took to the mic and sent out the challenge, to finally end their feud on the last show of the year with a six-man dumpster match!

Greg Lambert Returns to GPW

Friday Night Thriller has a history of delivering the unpredictable, and it’s likely anyone that’s stayed with GPW throughout the company’s 14-year history would never have seen this coming. For those not in the know, there was a promotion called XWA who went to war with GPW many years and lost, closing its doors for good in the aftermath. At the helm of that promotion, was Greg Lambert.

GPW took a big risk in allowing Lambert to step foot in their ring, but, amazingly, Lambert told the crowd after writing his new book, Ropes and Glory, he spent a lot of time reflecting on what GPW has brought to the table for the rise of British professional wrestling, and realised he “couldn’t hate GPW anymore”. With the hatchet buried, will Greg Lambert ride off into the horizon, or could we see him in our ring in the future?

Women’s Tournament: Lana Austin def. Roxi by pin fall

Another blast from the past for Grand Pro Wrestling, our latest entrant in the inaugural women’s championship tournament was there for the company’s first ever show. Roxi’s homecoming was met with a warm reception by the GPW faithful, and she dove right into the thick of it by bringing the fight to her opponent.

Lana Austin’s second match in the tournament, she had other ideas than letting Roxi’s return outshine her. The two started things off with a series of quick pins, both trying to put the other away as fast as possible. Neither woman would allow the other to take control for too long in a back and forth contest. In the end, it would be Austin who scored the pinfall victory, planting Roxi with her “Kiss the Mat” Spike DDT.

In Friday Night Thriller’s theme of unpredictability, Dirk Feelgood came out to promote Feelgood Media Limited. Whilst it looked like he was about to offer Austin the position of his first client, he instead introduced his two new clients, Abel Stevens and Melanie Price, who proceeded to attack her! Will we see a chance for revenge on November 24th?

Bonus Match: Nicholas Cartier def. Sandy Beach by pin fall 

With the shocking reveal of Melanie Price as Dirk Feelgood’s go-to girl, The Ringmaster came out demanding an explanation from her, only to receive a low blow for his troubles. With Jack Gallagher now signed to the WWE, Price turning against him, and Noah nowhere to be seen, the Circus looks like it may be reaching its end, with Cartier left on his own.

This meant the arrival of the ever-opportunistic Beach, looking to prey on a weakened Ringmaster. Taking to the mic, Beach insulted Ringmaster for being humiliated by a woman, despite himself having been pinned by Lizzy Styles not too long ago. Challenging him to a match, Beach was quickly destroyed by Cartier’s gutwrench powerbomb. He may be alone right now, but that doesn’t mean that Cartier is any less dangerous.

Sandal-Jack Match: Martin Kirby def. Sheikh Mohammed R Khan by pin fall 

Any critics of the idea of a Sandaljack match were silenced after seeing the match take place. The lumberjacks came out in force with sandals in hand, Biscuit Club and LA Austin handling one half of the ring, with Isiah Quinn, Nate Travis and the injured Sandy Beach opposing them on the other side.

Sheikh received some just desserts as he was ejected from the ring and received some slaps for good measure, before Kirby received similar treatment, getting thrown out twice. The idea of this match was to contain the two men to the ring, but there was no containing these two after all that they’ve been through. Kirby refused to be denied by the men on the outside, suplexing the Sheikh on top of them all and even diving onto them when they tried to throw him back into the ring, before dragging his opponent through the crowd to carry on the fight.

After 2 years of teaming and then feuding, both men wanted to legitimately kill each other, even going so far as to try and throw the other from the top of the Rose Club’s balcony! Finally, being carried back into the ring by the Sandaljacks, Kirby exploded from the top turnbuckle, taking out all men involved for the second time. With Sheikh back in the ring on his terms, he finished him with his patented Sable Bomb.

Justice finally served, Sheikh got a good taste of his own medicine, with Kirby returning to the ring after the match to slap him with a sandal himself.

Fast Track Qualifier: Joey Hayes def. Ashton Smith by pin fall

With Bubblegum unfortunately injured before the show, Hayes was missing an opponent for his qualifying match, but refused to disappoint the fans, and found one in old friend Ashton Smith. The two having teamed up not long ago at Great British Beat Down to take on Cyanide and Dylan Roberts, they found themselves on opposite sides with a chance at a future championship match at stake.

Hayes and Smith know each other’s offense inside and out, making for a contest where anyone could guess the outcome. Smith used his height advantage and brute power to beat Hayes to the ground, again and again, demanding to his opponent “show me something” each time. This brought the fire out of Hayes who fought his way to his feet before scoring a rollup for the win.

After the match, Hayes offered his friend a handshake who reluctantly accepted it, but took a long time walking away. It was clear how dejected Smith was at his loss. You must wonder, what’s next for Ashton Smith?

Losing Tag Team Must Split: T-Bone + Craig Kollins def. The Island Brothers by pin fall 

In a brutal and hard-hitting contest, this was tough to watch going in just knowing that one of these teams wouldn’t be coming back out again. All 4 men brought intensity to each other and left it all in the ring, hitting their best moves over and over and reaching down even deeper to kick out at 2 each time. Nothing was more shocking than seeing The Island Brothers hit their signature high low combination, then hitting the Lonely Island powerslam that has ended so many bouts for them before, only to come up short this time around.

In the end, we had the most devastating finish imaginable, with T-Bone hitting Tabu with not one but two different piledrivers, including his patented tombstone! Once Tabu was laid out, Kollins hit Rio with a Powerbomb from the second rope, landing on top of his own brother! Kollins threw Rio aside to pin the broken Tabu and break their team up for good.

Celebrating their win, T-Bone made sure that ‘Real Deal’ Neil Steel announced them as “Still in GPW” rubbing salt in the wound for the fans. An emotional brotherhood, Tabu looked ready to lay out both his brother and the referee, before finally letting it sink in, embracing his brother, and standing together with him in front of the fans for the very last time.

It is truly heartbreaking to find that The Island Brothers will no longer be allowed to team up following this spectacular contest. In an even more tragic case of irony, it was when they were the reigning tag champs that their open challenge inspired T-Bone and Kollins to come together. And now they remain, whilst the former champs are no more. What’s next for the rising monster tag team? And what’s next for Rio and Tabu?

Heavyweight Title Match: Dylan Roberts (c) def. ‘Dangerous’ Damon Leigh by submission

Following the closing scenes at Back To School between these two men, there was no way this match was going to be anything other than a vicious fight. As soon as he came to the ring, DDL took a mic and reminded the crowd that he was one of select few in GPW today that appeared on the company’s first ever show, back when the Rose Club was called the Monaco Ballroom. He took Roberts to task for his title reign and swore to dethrone him, and, determined to follow through on his promise, attacked the champ as soon as he came out.

A massive brawl broke out through the crowd, with both men being thrown into walls and rows of chairs. Leigh even hip tossed Roberts onto a table stacked with Greg Lambert’s new book! DDL showed no mercy as he finally got him into the ring to begin the match.

As promised, this was much more a fight than a wrestling match, with both men enduring harsh punishment to their bodies. Just as it looked like DDL would emerge the victor, Alan A.A. Tasker would get involved, only to be hit with Risk Factor for his troubles and left in a heap outside the ring.

DDL rebuilt his momentum and looked to finish the contest, hitting the Tornado Slam for a near fall. Leigh lifted up his rival for one final move, only to sustain an injury to his shoulder at a crucial moment. Roberts, showing why he has been the champion throughout all of 2017, took advantage and worked him into his sadistic “Dylan! You Son of a Clutch” finisher for a submission victory.

Leigh previously said it would be his mission to make sure Roberts would not walk into GPW’s monumental 15th year as the company’s champion, but with only one show left this year, can Roberts be stopped from having his name in the record books?

Tickets are now available for our final show of the year on 24th November, prepare yourselves as Dylan Roberts defends the title against Martin Kirby, see Lana Austin face Melanie Price in the Women’s Tournament Final! Watch the chaotic six-man dumpster match for the tag team trophy, and find out who will join Joey Hayes in the last fast track match of the year!

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