There’s a Storm Coming…

At “Back With A Bang 2017” we announced the first ever Woman Stays On Tournament to commence on March 24th at “Northern Soul 2”. Not only is the tournament a first ever, the opening round of the tournament will be the first women’s match in a GPW for 6 years!

To the delight of GPW fans, Lana Austin announced that she will be entering the tournament in its first round, however, former boyfriend, T-Bone brought in new love interest, Natalie Wild, who had other ideas. Wild ferociously attacked Austin an declared she would take her place in the tournament. As has been reported in the last few days, injuries sustained by Austin in that attack have made her unable to compete in the tournament and Wild will get her wish as she goes into the first round of the tournament.

After 100’s of applications to be part of the tournament, GPW Management have selected Wild’s opponent as Australian born, Toni Storm. Storm has turned heads all over the World competing across the UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, France and Japan. About her pending GPW debut, Storm had this to say: “I’m so super hyped to be coming to GPW for such a historic night. I heard what Natalie Wild did to Lana – try that with me, i dare you. I’m coming to beat you and i’m coming to win the tournament. See you March 24th!” 

It was at “Night of the Brave” on 4th November 2011 when we had our last women’s match, April Davids defeated the “Female Fighting Machine” Jenny Sjodin that night, but we haven’t had a women’s match in a GPW ring since! Prior to Davids v. Sjodin, you have to go back to 2008, but rest assured we won’t be going that long without the fairer sex in the ring again! There will be a women’s match on every show in “Woman Stays On” rules until we are able to crown a tournament winner on our final show of 2017 – November 24th (tickets available now). .

Wrestlers such as Minx, Roxi, Pippa L’vinn, Shelby Beach and Lisa Fury were all names who helped bring attention to women’s wrestling in the UK during our early days. However, competition for the girls dried up and the boys have dominated our shows for years. With more eyes on British wrestling than ever, and more eyes on women’s wrestling let’s get ready to celebrate the fighting females of our sport.

Do not miss the first Women’s Match of our tournament and the first women’s match for 6 years! Buy your tickets now!