After reading official reports and reviewing the incident, GPW management have decided the best course of action is to fine and suspend both Dylan Roberts and Ashton Smith.

Written reports from officials involved in Friday’s main event, (Michael Fitzgerald and Adam Hutchinson) have conclusively found that both GPW Heavyweight Champion, Dylan Roberts and No.1 Contender, Ashton Smith were to blame for injuries sustained by Fitzgerald and Hutchinson. As a result, the two have been fined ¬£250 each and suspended for 1 show.

Roberts said: “Perhaps the officials involved need to look closer at their part in this, 4 times i had Smith beaten but slow counting and favoritism led to this. Fitzgerald even threw my manager out. I regret nothing. See you in May.”

Smith said: “In the heat of the moment, people can do some regrettable things. Dylan Roberts had tried every trick in the book to stop me coming at him, he knew i had the better of him, he pushed my buttons and i saw red. I accept the fine and the suspension but i do not accept that this is over between me and him.”

The two will be back for our “A Night To Remember” event on May 12th. Tickets available now from the shop.

Lana Austin‘s dreams of taking part in the inaugural GPW “Woman Stays On” Tournament are over. Medical staff have stated that the injuries Lana suffered at Back With A Bang at the hands of Natalie Wild are so serious that we shouldn’t expect Lana to return to any type of training for at least another 9 months, and not to expect her back in the ring until next year.

So, Natalie Wild will get her wish and replace Lana in the First Round of the tournament which will take place on March 24th. Buy your tickets from the GPW shop and stay tuned here, on Twitter @grandpro and Facebook to see who her opponent will be.

Get well soon Lana!