A Night to Remember 2017 took place on May 12th and once again saw the Grand Pro fans in their hundreds pack out the Rose Club in Hindley. It was wall to wall action with new champions crowned and plenty of discussion points!

If you missed the show live, keep your eye out for it going onto our On Demand channel.here If you can’t wait that long, or just want to re-live the night here’s what went down!

Fast Track 4-Way: Big Joe def. Ringmaster, Isiah Quinn & L.A. Austin by pinfall. 

If you didn’t know who L.A. Austin was before May 12th 2017, you do now. It didn’t matter that L.A lost this match to pin fall by Big Joe, what mattered was not a single person had forgotten the high flyer since he went on the injured list 4 years ago. And perhaps even more importantly, Austin hadn’t missed a beat. Flying all over the ring, and out of it, the fans went absolutely crazy for the returning star, and it gave GPW one of the most memorable returns we’ve ever seen and heard in the last 14 years.


It was Big Joe though who left with his hand raised and a title shot of his choosing in the bag that was valid for the rest of the night. It was the second time in the match for Ringmaster and Quinn who both cancelled each other out in the years first Fast Track, and the pair did the same again here. There is no love lost between Quinn and Ringmaster who are both seemingly on a collision course for one another in the near future. The match belonged to Big Joe, but the night may well have been Austin’s.

Singles Match: Kirby def. Sheikh’s investment by pinfall.

Sheikh Mohammed Rizzy Khan promised Martin Kirby an opponent he had never faced before as he revealed his most recent investment. And he was right. Newcomer “Exedous” was unveiled by Khan and came into the match with aggression and power. Looking to inflict as much pain as possible on Kirby. And he did, but it wasn’t enough to keep Kirby from winning. Kirby hit “Kirby’s Dreamland” for the third consecutive win against the Sheikh’s Investment.

What will The Sheikh’s next move be?

Six Man Tag: Don Meacho & The Hate League def. Jackson, Brooks & Bubblegum by pinfall.

Former GPW Tag Team Champions, The Hate League Dursun and Danxig returned to the Rose Club to team with one night partner, Don Meacho for A Night to Remember as they took on a star studded trip of Matthew Brooks, Bubblegum and British Champ, “Jumpin” Jimmy Jackson.

Under the guidance and tutor ledge of GPW’s most successful manager, Alan Alan Alan Tasker  the well oiled machine of The Hate League and Meacho picked up the win, proving that The Hate League, and more importantly, Meacho have something to offer. It was Meacho who pinned British Champ, Jackson with his patented “Havana Driver” to pick up the win by pin fall. A clean victory over the reigning British Champion will work wonders for Meacho’s own title hopes later down the line. We understand that as soon as Meacho got backstage he began to request a title shot against Jackson.

“Dangerous” Damon Leigh into the Grand Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

Former Grand Pro Grand Slam Champ, DDL was the latest inductee into the GPW Hall of Fame. We’ll be doing a separate article all about DDL and his career in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for it!

Singles Grudge Match: Joey Hayes def. Cyanide by pinfall

In a feud that has been building all year, finally Cyanide and Hayes faced off one on one. It was former Heavyweight Champion, Cyanide who blasted Hayes from behind as he made his entrance. For the last two months, Cyanide had introduced Hayes into the external steel buckles spine first, as he attacked Joey before the bell rang he tried to do it a thirs time, but this time Hayes was smart and escaped it.

He didn’t escape punishment for long though, soaking up some serious offence from Cyanide throughout the match. It wasn’t until Cyanide made a mistake and allowed Joey back in to hit his “J.K.O” cutter from nowhere and scored the 3 count over the big monster. You can decide yourself if there’s more to come from these two!

Tag Team Title Match: Island Brothers v. Kollins & Bone – No Contest

We knew there was bad blood between these four men, but i don’t think any of us saw just how much. The two physical teams came out swinging right from the first whistle. In fact, it was over 5 minutes before the bell rung and the match was made official. But, it didn’t last long before the referee threw the match out due to consistent breaking of the rules on both teams parts.

Even though the match had come to an end, it didn’t stop the physicality. This time, it was T-Bone and Kollins who came out on top putting the beat down to the tag champs. Then, to add insult to injury, the Island Brothers’ night wasn’t over. Here came Big Joe with his stablemates from the Bad Lads, Drill and Mickey Barnes as he cashed in his Fast Track win.

An exhausted Island Brothers then tried their best to defend their title against 3 fresh men, but it was to no avail and the Bad Lads shocked everyone by becoming two time champs. Midnight Bin Collection ran out to make the save and stop any further beatings, which leads us to think there will be more from these 9 men and 4 teams!

Sam Gradwell Interview

This was not for the feint hearted! Gradwell, fresh of his WWE tour wasted no time in making it clear that he was above not only the GPW fans but the entire GPW roster too. Having done “more for GPW than anyone else has ever done”. He quickly turned his attention to Bubblegum.

Gradwell launched a scathing verbal attack on the former Heavyweight Champion claiming that in the middle of the British wrestling boom, Bubblegum had been forgotten about. He was in obscurity and missed out on all the major contracts. He went onto claim that Bubblegum didn’t wrestle for the fans like he said he did, he wrestled for himself so he could escape his own miserable reality of being a bad father. At the mention of Bubbegum’s children, ‘Gum hit the ring to shut Gradwell up. Before he had chance, Gradwell escaped. There is something major going to happen in the future of these two!

Singles Match: Lizzy Styles def. Sandy Beech

The Women’s Tournament went on hold at A Night to Remember when the scheduled tournament match between Lizzy Styles and Natalie Wild could not take place due to Wild pulling out of the through illness. The word on Wild’s illness only reached us at 5pm so we made the decision to postpone the match until July 28th at “Great British Beat Down”.

However, Lizzy still came to the show and refused to leave until she had shown the GPW fans what she’s made of. After demanding an opponent, i think the last person she expected to take up the challenge was an unknown male wrestler! Sandy Beech took his chance to make his debut and quickly declared that he had “no respect for women, they were second class” in his eyes. His shocking remark was met by a Lizzy Styles sized slap and the match was on. Doing his best not to spend the match being embarrassed by the “fairer sex”, Beech was unable to answer the questions being asked of him and his debut will forever be remembered as the time he lost to a woman…. he fell to Lizzy’s finisher, “Eat Defeat”, i wonder if we’ll be seeing Sandy again?

Heavyweight Title Match: Dylan Roberts def. Ashton Smith via submission.

In the main event for the evening, Hall of Famer “Dangerous” Damon Leigh was entrusted to keep the two combatants within the rules after both Smith and Roberts had strayed from them in their last encounter.

It wasn’t long into their re match that the rules seemed to have been forgotten again when the two embarked on a venue-wide brawl which led some to question even if the great DDL could keep a can on the rules. He did get the match under control and the two battled it out for 17 long gruelling minutes in the ring.

Roberts, on often occasion tested the rules and tried to operate outside of them, only to be thwarted every time. DDL put an end to Roberts’ manager, Alan Alan Alan Tasker physical involvement in the match after he sent him packing to the back. With the sold out Rose Club on Ashton’s side every fan in the building was willing him on to win his first title in Grand Pro Wrestling. But, it wasn’t to be.

A damaged neck was taken full advantage of by Roberts who zoned in on the injury, softening Ashton up for “Dylan, you son of a Clutch” submission finisher where DDL had no choice but to call for the bell.

Roberts yet again retained the title, but there is definitely some unfinished business between he and DDL.


More questions than answers? Our next installment will be the Great British Beat Down taking place on July 28th Tickets are available to pre-order now, attend on Facebook here