This Friday, October 6th is our 10th instalment of Friday Night Thriller!

The first ever Friday Night Thriller took place on 13th October 2006 and set the tone of unpredictability that have followed the Thriller shows around ever since!

A huge upset took place that night. Dirk Feelgood, the challenger to Heresy’s Heavyweight Title overcame the dominant champion to lift the title for the first time in his career. No one expected the win, least of all Dirk but the notion of “anything could happen” really seems to happen at Friday Night Thriller!

Check out a music video from the night by clicking here

The following Friday Night Thriller, held on 19th October 2007 continued down the path the previous year had made. when only 3 of the announced matches actually took place. Why? Because anything can happen at Friday Night Thriller!

During the show, a riot was prevented when an impromptu decision was made by GPW Management to cancel the rest of the booked matches and hold a previously unannounced 30 Man Royal Rumble. When multiple superstars laid down individual claims to being the Number 1 Contender to the British Title it became clear that action needed to be taken to prevent a full scale riot and determine who would challenge for the British Title next.

With shocks, upsets, twists and surprises being the order of the day for all Friday Night Thrillers that followed, the show cemented its legacy as the most unpredictable night of the year. In 2011, no one could’ve predicted what happened at Friday Night Thriller V….

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Things were  already weird when Bruce Sheila took on Voodoo in a singles contest which descended into a dance that included zombies and hypnotism… don’t believe me, check it out by clicking here

But it’s OK, it’s Friday Night Thriller, anything can happen, right? What wasn’t OK was what happened shortly after. The ring broke. And not just a little, a lot. So much so that the show had to be abandoned! A first ever for us, and of course – it had to have happened on a Friday Night Thriller show! It couldn’t have really happened on any other, could it? If you’re wondering what happened to the fans, don’t worry – all fans were granted free entry to the next show the month later.

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Our traditional Friday Night Thriller show is also the show that has seen more Heavyweight title changes than any other show we do in the year. Dylan Roberts should take note of this ahead of his defence against Damon Leigh, stats show the champion leaves without the title! Just ask Cyanide, he came into Friday Night Thriller VII with the title and lost it to The Cause.

Dirk Feelgood though, he’s a master of the Thriller nights having won two of his 3 Heavyweight Title reigns at Friday Night Thriller shows. And if we’re looking at trends, Kollins & T-Bone should be wary of The Island Brothers’ record at Friday Night Thriller – they have never lost at the event.

What could happen this Friday? Tickets are available right up until 6pm of the 6th October., Head to the shop and pre order yours now for collection at the box office!