On March 24th 2017 we bring you Northern Soul 2!

The star studded event has the wrestling World talking! Not only is our main event the re-match that no one else could bring you, we will also start off our Women’s Tournament plus much, much more. But, let’s have a look back 5 years ago to the very first Northern Soul event on March 2nd 2012 and why Sam Gradwell will be hoping for a very different night!

The card 5 years ago looked a lot different, the only names involved in NS2 who were on the card in 2012 are: Joey Hayes, Cyanide, Martin Kirby, Bubblegum, Bin Man and Ricky J. McKenzie (now Sam Gradwell).

It is the latter who will want Northern Soul 2 to go a lot differently than his night did 5 years ago… more on that later. Here was the card and the results from March 2nd 2012, do you remember the show?

Tag Title Match: Ricky J. McKenzie & Chris Echo (c) v. The Blackpool Blondes – No Contest

Gallagher’s Gold Match: Jack Gallagher def. Joey Hayes

Singles Match: Bubblegum def. L.A.Austin

Six Man Tag: Danny Hope, Jiggy Walker & Cameron Kraze def. “Dangerous” Damon Leigh, Bin Man & Zack Gibson

Singles Match: Cyanide def. El Ligero

Heavyweight Title Match: Martin Kirby (c) def. “The Juice” CJ Banks

Remember it? Remember how the show started? Sam will probably never forget it. During hia tag title defence with partner, Chris Echo against No.1 Contenders The Blackpool Blonds, Sam tore his quad in an injury that would sideline him for over 12 months. Not only that, The Blonds (Axl Rage and James Drake) escaped with the Tag Trophy and were eventually announced champions by default due to the original Trophy Holders being unable to defend it. Double pain for Gradwell who’ll be hoping the Northern Soul curse won’t return this time!

Speaking of knee injuries.. another GPW wrestler who was on this card, L.A Austin (brother of injured Lana) was sidelined with a torn quad himself, the very night Gradwell made his come back from the same injury. Unlike Gradwell, the popular L.A Austin, never made a return to the ring. However, his sister will take up the family mantle once she returns from her own injuries. There’s a theme here, isn’t there?

Northern Soul was the first time we saw Jack Gallagher unveil his “Gallagher’s Gold Title”, a title he brought into competition under his own esteem after he lost the British Title in an upset loss to Bin Man. However, one of the rules behind Gallagher’s Gold matches were that the title had to be defended in the way Gallagher wanted. Joey Hayes fell victim to the strange rules and Gallagher would remain his own champion until he was eventually defeated (again) by Bin Man in November 2012 who, errrm, disposed of the title. Will Joey’s bid to wear gold at Northern Soul 2 be more successful?

Northern Soul 2 will be without an overbearing faction due to The Hate League being banned. However, 5 years ago it was The MasterPlan who ran riot. Cameron Kraze, Jiggy Walker,  Bubblegum, Melanie Price followed the lead of Dirk Feelgood as the group known as The MasterPlan did their best to dominate GPW. They picked up a big win in the Six Man on the night and were involved in an unprovoked attack on L.A. Austin earlier in the night. Let’s be thankful the violent Hate League will not be part of Northern Soul 2.

And how fortunes have changed these days for Martin Kirby, then a GPW Heavyweight Champion and now, struggling to overcome the oppression of former billionaire oil tycoon, Sheikh Mohammed Rizzy Khan. Can he get one step closer to freedom at this Northern Soul 2?

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